e-Course 6 - Meetup planning and execution

The e-course on Meet-ups targets IoT-LSP partners, with the objective to provide direct support to mobilise end users with meet-ups and support end-user engagement. In single presentation, based on previous experience and related work that helped us grow community (IoT meet-up Novi Sad – IoT community) with more than 500 members for a single group, we have highlighted most important aspects of the end user engagement including: identification of target audience, meetup planning, execution and follow up effort after the event.

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25 min


Meetup, organization, e-Course

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Nenad Gligoric
Project manager, Software developer

The Meetup presentation enables you to engage end-users and stakeholders within your projects and discuss about IoT solutions. It is often used for the initial specification of use cases and later extraction of requirements for the application, service or platform.

E-course on Meetups

Duration 24:42 min
Added on 18-10-2018

Duration 24:42 min
Added on 18-10-2018
This e-course provides an introduction to the Meetup Methodology. It specifically targets IoT-LSP, with the objective to provide direct support for end users engagement with meet-ups, but it can be used also by other meetup organizers.In the course it is explained why you should use meetup over other type of events, how and why identification of your targer audience is important, how to depict the topic for the event, plan and execute the meetup.  

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