The e-courses on this page can be used as reference material that can be consulted at any time to help kick-start your end-user engagement initiatives. Several e-courses will be made and will be released every other month in 2018. The topics of the e-courses are closely related to the different tools and support services offered on this website. More background information is provided on Co-Creative Workshops, Crowdsourcing, Living Labs, Privacy, Exploitation and Sustainability Models and Meet-ups.

The e-courses are composed and presented by experts in the field of end-user engagement. Each e-courses consist of a number of short lessons of five to ten minutes, with bite size chunks of information. The lessons are complemented with references and materials for further reading, also a quiz is added to test your own know-how after watching all the lessons of an e-course. If you still have questions after watching one of our e-courses please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Introducing U4IoT & End-User Engagement


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