Deliverable number Deliverable title Download
D1.1 On line resources for pilots, first release Download Report
D1.2 Crowdsourcing and survey tool for LSPs Download Report
D1.3 Guidelines and game for privacy and personal data protection Download Report
D1.4 End-user Engagement Toolkit Report Download Report
D2.1 Co-creative Workshops Methodology Handbook Download Report
D2.2 Living Labs Methodology Handbook Download Report
D2.3 Online training programme and expert pool first report Download Report
D2.4 End-user Engagement Support Report Download Report
D3.1 Ethics and Privacy Implementation Plan Download Report
D3.2 Societal, Ethical and Ecological Issues Analysis Report Download Report
D3.3 Recommendations for tackling IoT adoption barriers Download Report
D3.4 Leveraging on end-users interaction to design participatory sustainability models report Download Report
D4.1 Cooperation strategy with LSPs and end-users outreach initial report Download Report
D4.2 U4IoT Website Download Report
D4.3 Online knowledge base on lessons learned, solutions and user feedback report Download Report
D4.4 Midterm report on outreach and dissemination Download Report
D4.5 Final report on outreach and dissemination Download Report
D5.1 First periodic report Internal document
D5.2 Final periodic report Internal document
Appendix F Learnings & Recommendations for future CSAs Download document
Appendix G Glossary of Terms Download document
Appendix H U4IoT Impact on LSPs Download document

The IoT European LSP Projects